Busy busy weekend!

So, Sunday was super cute… Not gonna lie. I slept in a bit, Hubs did the dishes and was a total sweetheart all day.

Midget and Batman are sick now. Well, really the whole house is. Big germ fest going around đŸ€’

So Midget and Batman are sitting on the couch and we were commenting that everyone is getting sick.

Midget goes [We’re all gonna die]

đŸ˜¶… Yes. At some point.

She gets it.

So Monday rolls around, HALLOWEEN!đŸ‘»đŸŽƒ yayyyyyy.

I went and worked out for the first time in…. Months… Lol yes I am SORE!

The kids were so much fun! We had Judy Hopps, Max, A descendent’s character I think Elvira? And wonder woman. 

Too cute! My goodness! 

Hubs and I walked down our block and back with them and saw the cool houses with the shows and stuff. And then we get back to the house and Sparkles took them around the rest of the neighborhood and apparently Mads is a badass! Midget didn’t feel well enough to finish the night so she stayed in the car and Mads asked for extra candy. When people didn’t believe her, she went to the car and got Midget and was like

SEEEE! She doesn’t feel good!

So yeah. Pretty proud of my mini me.

Batman got the crud scared out of him by someone who jumped out, like so bad they had to break character to introduce themselves. đŸ˜”

Oh! Introduction: Sparkles is Batman and Princess’s momma.

So anyhoo, back at work now. Feeling a tad cruddy cause the cough that got passed back to me. :-/ thanks kids!!

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