Good evening y'all! First blog post so I should probably introduce myself right!? Okay!

My name is Mo. I am 28 years old and have lived in Southeastern, WA basically my whole life. Well, unless you include the 5 years I lived in Seattle and the 6 months I lived in Las Vegas, but hey... who's really paying attention right!?!

I just got married and we bought our first house a year ago. I have 4 kids at home and a step-daughter who lives out of state with her mom, who is hubby's first wife.

Side note! A little insight to the nick-names... I decided for the safety of the kiddos and myself to use names for the kiddos rather than their real names because I don't want all those creepers looking them up. HELICOPTER MOM!!! Naw... just protective of the offspring! Also, Dad and Hubster/Hubs are the same person.

Okay, so back to reality here. I work from home and so does the hubster. I decided that there are some amazingly hilarious things that the kids say that I absolutely have to share. So I'll start you off tonight with a comment by our youngest, Midget. She is 5 and is at home all the time because the laws in Washington have a cut off date of August 31st to start Kindergarten. She enjoys it, for the most part. She is pretty handy and can turn on the TV by herself and most of the time watches things like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Not the other day....

Hubster goes into the other living room and she has Child's Play 3 on.

UMMMMMM WHAAAAAAT is what you're thinking.

Yes.. Chuckie... the scary little monster demon doll. She asks why she can't watch it and Dad laughs and says because it's not for kids.

Midget replies, "But I'm not even scared!"


Yes, we know.. however... that is something for someone a lot older than you! Then he set her up with Fox & The Hound, and she was happy.

It's times like this that I think, this HAS to be documented!

So, if you have any questions, feel free to email me! I will be writing fairly frequently because stuff like this happens every day!

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