It’s been a while

Hey y’all!   I know I’m slackin. 


So today went quite swell. Mads is sick so that’s a bummer, but she got to stay home today so I’m sure she’s okay with that. 

The dryer went to crap. Ugh! Went to go quick dry the towels prrince left in there to fold for him and low and behold, error 66 pops up on my dryer!! Wtf!? Called Frigidaire and asked what that error was and no joke, dude says “well it’s error 66” and the apologized for having a bad sense of humor. Yeahhhhhh not the right time sir. 

So looked all over YouTube only to find out the entire dryer needs to be taken apart to fix it. So I can’t DIY. πŸ™ called a local servicing company and they’re coming out tomorrow to fix it or at least tell us what’s wrong. SO… Okay 

Then I leave to go get my ass kicked by my personal trainer and got a hair cut. Stopped in to see Sparkles and the kiddos at her sisters wedding and did a live video on fb and came home to a beer and MNF YESSSSSS!!! 

Day complete. Tomorrow, school conferences. Woot! 

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