Are You Suffering from Anxiety Disorders? Allow these Crystals to Rescue You

Has life been on your nerves at all times? If consistent and chronic stress has compromised your health and spirit immensely, then you should give some spiritual healing a try. These are very unlike those anti-stress meds which only tend to treat the symptoms, make the most of these calming crystals listed below by a Crystal Shop in Dallas to help you slow down, soothe and heal your body, mind, and spirit to address these issues from the root.

  1. Blue lace agate

This is probably the best crystal for anxiety and stress relief. It bears a beautiful periwinkle color that tends to emit calming and soothing vibes that relax your mind and give you peace of mind. When you hold these crystals while meditating, it helps in soothing your nerves and eliminates your anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety disorder on a daily basis, don a bracelet that is made of blue lace agate or carry this stone in your pocket, so as when you feel that anxiety is striking again, it can comfort you for the rest of the day. This crystal works on calming the hyper or anxious pets as well.

  1. Lepidolite

Another effective crystal for curing anxiety is Lepidolite. It originally entails lithium inside it which is useful for anti-anxiety medication. Using this gentle stone tends to balance out the times of stress and chaos. It is very beneficial to use this stone during meditation. Place this stone over your third eye, meaning on the center of your forehead or you can hold a piece in each hand to bestow yourself with comfort and harmony.

  1. Jet

Jet stones have always been in use since the old times for the sake of protecting oneself and to facilitate the release of the negative emotions like stress, grief, anger, fear and sometimes even depression. They work quite similar to the energetic filter to shield you from outside influences and assisting to get rid of negative energies within your body, mind, and spirit. Hence, this is the best stone for those who are overburdened with negative emotions and energies.

  1. Danburite

It brings comfort in the stressful times, assuring you repeatedly that everything is always taken care of. Anxiety and stress are the strongest energies that tend to take control of your body, so in order to loosen up the influence, danburite comes to the rescue. Its energy embraces you with the support of your guardian angels assisting you to have a calmer and an optimistic outlook on any kind of situation.

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