How to Decorate the Christmas Tree and House as a Family on a Budget

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree and home during the festive period it can be tricky if you are living on a tight budget. For some people, living from pay packet to pay packet sometimes means cutting back on extravagant purchases and life’s little luxuries, and occasionally requiring the assistance of small payday loans that are paid back within a matter of weeks or months, and to help with certain short-term obstacles. If you are struggling from time to time with your finances, Christmas can be tricky with so many different areas to pay for.

You know that you’ll need to put some money towards Christmas dinner, the turkey and all the trimmings, presents for family and loved ones, but what about your Christmas tree and the house decorations? There are ways in which you can choose and make decorations that don’t cost the earth, get the whole family together to have some fun, without putting yourself in further financial trouble.

Pick a Theme That Lasts

One way to inspire creation is to pick a Christmas theme that will last you for a good few years, that way you can recreate the festive magic year after year, without adding costs each time. This could be in the form of a magical winter woodland scene, or go with a colour scheme that is easy to implement and accessorise to, such as the colourful and very Christmas inspired red and white. By up-scaling clothes and fabric of the right colours you can create stocking, festive greetings and winter warmers, blankets and cushions that feel comfortable and fit right in with the festive spirit and aesthetic you are attempting to create on a budget.

Edible Christmas Greetings

Why not take the festive spirit that little bit further by combining your sweet tooth with a DIY spirit of creation. Take candy canes and other Christmas-specific sweets and use them with fabric to create festive garlands that are strewn across the mantelpiece and other areas. Place them within wreaths and on the Christmas tree to add a delicate, sweet touch to your Christmas decorations without it costing a fortune to do so. Create gingerbread houses and winter wonderland scenes using Christmas food and drink, to entertain the guests and to look pretty!

DIY with the Whole Family

The day you put up the Christmas decorations should be an exciting and joyous day in your household. Why not get all the family together to take part in the fun, especially if you have small children. Get the kids drawing notes to welcome Santa and his reindeer that can be stuck on the doors or windows, make homemade decorations for the tree and other parts of the home, and create miniature trees and other festive scenes out of foraged twigs, flowers and plants to create a magical Christmas environment.

It is easy to think of DIY ways in which to create the perfect Christmas environment with clever tree decoration and the wider home. It just takes some careful planning and a spirit of fun and enjoyment which all the family can take part in.

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